Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Baking and Shawls

My second WI Meeting is now over.  I'm starting to get into the swing of it.  I do need to organise my WI bag and file for Minutes.  It shouldn't take too long once I put my mind to it.

I made another crumble square this afternoon.  I substituted a quarter of the flour for ground almond and added a little bicarb of soda.  Instead of using fresh raspberries, I used a jar of raspberry coulis, which was being sold off cheap at the Co-op.  Next time I shall use real raspberries.  And not leave it in the oven so long.  I was going to take it down to Fobbles with me tomorrow, I shall decide that in the morning - as long as HK's back is well enough to see to Mary-Jane and of course that Mary-Jane is well enough for me to leave her.  She is slowly getting better.  She was quite tired today.  She has been coughing this evening, it sounds as though she needs to cough something up.  Hopefully what is on her chest is loosening.  She very much had a Daddy Day today.  I think it is because she can slob more Daddy than what she can me.

I'm starting to look into being a Producer at The Country Market in Whitehaven.  It happens once a week.  It is ran as a co-operative.  I was thinking of selling baked goods.  I need to go and have a look at it, see what it's like.  It's not a big money earner, but it's there.  And there is potential in everything.  Selling goods there would have many implications for me.  Getting the food hygiene certificate, seeing how it effects our benefits, would I have to be classed as Self Employed?  There are ways around everything.  I want to take a serious closer look.  And mention it to HK.

I've not done any knitting today (so far, and probably won't).  I need to get things together for tomorrow.  I am trying hard to stop obsessing about shawls.  Everytime I awoke last night, thet were there in my minds eye.  Enough of that.  I have decided which yarn to use.  I'm not going to let myself stash surf for some, that is far too distracting.  I shall choose either the original Pi Shawl from EZ's Knitters Almanac or one of the four designed for EZ's 100th Birthday.  I shall then put it from my mind.  I shall start it when I finish the olympic cushion, preferbably finish Sereknitty as well.

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