Wednesday, 1 February 2012

TSJ Continues Apace

This is the TSJ, as of yesterday, I've not taken any pix tonight.  It's coming along nicely.  I've continued on the live stitiches for another 15 ridges, hopefully to the best length.  I didn't measure how long I wanted it, so I am just guessing.  I have picked up the stitches on one side and am about to kint all the way down and across to pick up the stitches on the other side.  On the fronts, this will for the centre fronts.  I have also marked the inner neck and start of the centre front.  Here there will be increases/decreases to allow for shaping.

At this point of the proceedings, I am left wondering what I was whittling about previously - granted they were only small worries.  The overall structure is slightly different from the BSJ is the allowance for cuffs and an extra bit to accomodate for the bulkiness of a nappy.  The next one I do, I might cast on differently, perhaps with an ?invisible cast on - the one where you cast on into a chain of crochet, so the stitches can be picked up and knitted the other way.  This will allow for lengthening the arms.  Depending on the width of the cuff, there can be decreases, similar to the BSJ, to make the cuffs narrower.

A closeup of the increases.  Not overly exciting I know, but you can see how they turn out and their effect.  When this is finished, I will finish the olympic cushion, then may be cast on a shawl (or two).

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