Sunday, 19 February 2012

HK's Back Ache Continues

HK's back is no more than a little better at best.  I am starting to get weary in the evenings now.  I have only done about 10 rows of knitting this evening and I am too tired to concentrate properly.  Mary-Jane is about over her cough/cold now.  She does cough in the night, not as bad though.  She is getting quite energetic.  Yesterday I took her out for the afternoon, to give HK a rest and some peace and quiet, which was well recieved.  Mary-Jane, Mum and I went to Workington.  I got Mary-Jane a dancing Mickey Mouse that we had thought about getting her for Christmas, but at the time had decided it was too expensive.  It has been reduced to half price in the sale, so now she has it.  We then went on to Asda to get Mary-Jane some new clothes and HK his stash of sweets.  It was twenty five to five before I knew it, so it was past time to hot foot it to the tills.  Mary-Jane usually has her tea from half four onwards.  MJ was having too much fun and didn't mind going to bed an hour later.

I was going to take her out again to day.  It wa a beautiful fresh day.  Unfortunately, around lunch time, MJ said she was tired, and behaved tired, so I knocked those plans on the head.  She did ask to go ta-ta's in the car later by half three, the answer was no. 

I have treated myself to some KnitPro Cubics - 4mm straights and 4mm and 5.5mm interchangable tips.  I get on with them much better than what I thought.  They make for a tighter stitch as well.  I have cast on 'Lydia Crescent Lace Shawl' by Brenda Castiel.  It was in last months 'Knit' magazine.  I'm using 4ply yarn (possibly sock yarn) that I got from The Knitting Goddess at Ravelry Day in Coventry a few years ago.  What little bit I have done is looking good.  More Stash Busting.  Pictures another day.  

This week I want to finish the Olympic Cushion and knit for Itsy Bitsy Swap.  I can see social outings being curtailed as well, due to HK's back.  I have already had to cancel one or two things.  When I have gone out (for an appointment at the Job Shop) and left HK with MJ, he has suffered with his back, so I am reluctant to leave the pair of them together until his back is sorted.  I have suggested to him to go back to the Doctors.  He says the pain is in the middle of his back, where it was when it all flared up, so he thinks it will soon right itself, as it normally does. Hhhmmm. 

I'm going to have to start having earlier nights, my chin straps are touching the ground.

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