Friday, 10 February 2012

A Busy Day And Baking Plans

Mary-Jane and I have had a busy day.  For Lunch, we went with mum and MB to an NSPCC fundraising lunch at Seascale.  I was dubious as to whether Mary-Jane would get her fill.  I was proved wrong.  She wolfed down a bowl and a half of veg and bacon/ham soup.  She really enjoyed it.  Soup is going on the menu.  We have already tried her a couple of times with our thick stew and she wouldn't entertain the idea of it.  A smoother soup may be the key.  After soup, she spent an hour running around the top end of the hall, burning off her energy.  The organisers gave her a box of toys to play with, which was quite a godsend.  I had her on reins and she didn't seem bothered by this.  It is the first time I have put her on reins.  I think they are much safer when we are out walking.  She was just starting to slow down when it was time to go.

We were only back in the house about 45 minutes before we went out again, this time for the weekly trip to Tesco in Whitehaven.  We got back around 4pm, Mary-Jane was in a lovely mood, and played with Daddy.  She ate all her tea, I was pleased with that.  The last few tea times, she has not had her usual appetite.  When I asked her if she was ready to go to bed, she picked up Mr Snuggles and came to me with arms outstretched.  The only thing I have heard from her since putting her down is just one coughing bout.  She went up at her usual time, rather than her earlier 'poorly' time, only 30-45 minutes difference.  Hopefully she will sleep well and maybe, just maybe, have a lie-in tomorrow!

This evening I have done a bit more on the EZ shawl.  I shall have to think of a shorter name for this Three Lace Shawl.  TLS? EZS?

My baking Mojo is continuing to return after it's Winter Sojourn.  I'm not wanting to go nuts and crackers, baking every recipe in sight.  More planning and being sensible with it.  USing waht I have got and making notes on what I make and the recipes I use and how I tweek them or think how they need tweeking.  I have been recommended a magazine - Cupcake Heaven - Thank You Jo!  I will look it up and see what it is like.

This week I am planning to make a quiche, bread pudding, maybe some soda bread or normal bread, egg custard and maybe pickle some eggs.  Oh and make some Leek and Potato Soup.

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