Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sugarcraft Roses

Last nights class went smoothly and with progress, for me.  Before hand, I went to look at the pastillage.  I had forgotten to turn it, as instructed.  I thought in my infinite wisdom, that after a week it would have dried anyway.  It hadn't dried thoroughly.  It has about now.  Next week we are putting it together - or it maybe the week after.  I will be more careful when rolling pastillage out next time.  I have seen ways where I can improve.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it though.

In class, my mojo was warming up and I was starting to make some progress with the roses.  For the card, we have to do nine roses.  Two have two petals, four have 2+3 and three have  2+3+5 petals.  The petals are described like this, as you put on two petals, let them dry, then put 3 on, let them dry etc etc.

Here are my 2+3 roses.  I'm pleased with them.  They still have to be colour dusted and such like, so they are not finished per se.

And here are the 2+3+5, although the flash has made them rather pale.  I was in rush to get them photographed last night, but the uploading of them took much longer than usual, so they are here tonight.  I hope I'm coming to grips with this sugarcraft malarky.  I do feel like I am learning.

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paula said...

your sugar work is so nice . . Man, how long has it been since I have read your blog? I sure wish it would show up on my blog roll . . . wonder why it won't?