Tuesday, 7 February 2012

No Sugarcraft Tonight

I've not been to Sugarcraft tonight.  Mary-Jane is on the mend, but is still chesty.  I wish I could cough up the rubbish on her chest for her.  She gets tired come mid afternoon.  She tries so hard to be good, but the tiredness gets a grip of her and she gets quite frustrated with herself.  This evening she hardly wanted any tea at all, drank nearly all her milk though.  She asked for bed at ten to five, so I took her up, and hardly a peek since.  She is getting brighter each day.

Last night I started getting a sore throat, which has culminated in me having a squeaky voice.  At least I have some voice.  I feel a little off the boil, not much though.  So I decided it would be best to stay home.  If Mary-Jane awoke, she would want Momma, and Momma she shall have.  Plus I need an early night and a relaxed evening.  I will be missing how to ice the pastillage and how to put it together.   Never mind.  I shall catch up.

This afternoon, Mary-Jane, Mum & I went to see DP in Eskdale to collect some yarn for WI Members to make Olympic Cushions.  The yarn is beautiful, yes I'll try and remember to take a picture before I take it to the meeting tomorrow.  It's upstairs at the moment and I don't want to disturb MJ. 

Mary-Jane was excited in having another ta-ta's in the car.  It wasn't long into the journey before she got real tired and wouldn't let herself sleep.  She was crying nearly all the way back, cries of tiredness.  When we arrived back, she was all Daddy.  Let's hope she feels even better in herself and this chesty business starts to clear.  HK's back is no better, worse if anything.

I've been continuing with Sereknitty.  As much as I enjoy knitting it, my thoughts are galloping with what realistically to do next.  I rather like 'Lydia Crescent Shape Shawl' by Brenda Castiel, in last months Knit Magazine.  I'm also toying with one of the 100th Birthday Shawls designed in honour of Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I'm going to have to cast on a shawl really soon before the need to do one drives me insane.  I am trying to be good and try to finish Sereknitty before I do.  The Olympic Cushion has a deadline.  I will re-commence that in a day or two, when I need a break from Sereknitty. 

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