Thursday, 16 February 2012

First Craft Group And It's Dark

I had my meeting with SH, from the County WI.  She is spearheading the campaign to raise the profile of crafting in these parts.  I'm sure I've mentioned her before.  The meeting was successful and I'm interested in doing 'my bit'.  It is being done with/through The Craft Council, supported by The WI and UKHKA - United Kingdom Hand Knitters Association.   I need to look on the Craft Council (CC) site for more info, especially about being a Volunteer.  I also want our new craft group to be registered with the CC.  I have all the info to do that, and I think I should be able to do that online.

Our craft group had it's first session today.  Six of us were there, not counting SH.  I want to take over the reins of it and make it my baby.  I want to run and promote it how I see fit.  I do have a good idea on these matters, and with the support and guidance of the CC, I should be well away with it all. 

I was sitting with M today.  She was cutting out pieces to make a quilt.  Inspired by this, I've taken a look on Ebay for dress patterns and fabric.  I'd like to find a simple dress pattern, so I can shake the rust off my dress making skills.  I think it would be best to buy fabric from a real shop, so I can have a proper look and feel of it.  I shall have to have a trip to Penrith to the fabric shop there, to have a good look at what they stock.  I've looked, but not looked with money in my purse, if you know what I mean!

Mary-Jane surprised me after she had her tea.  She went running across the room, picked up Mr Snuggles, then ran to me with her arms held up for a pick-up.  I picked her up, she spoke something to me, which ended in 'want bed'.  I asked her if she was tired and wanted to go bo-bo's, she just said 'want bed', then said clearly 'it's dark'.  HK and I was not far short of being gobsmacked!!  It is the first time she has so clearly and verbally initiated wanting to go to bed, and to say it's dark as well....... We do say to her, that it is dark and so it's time for bed.  Can't keep up with that little gem what with the evenings slowly starting to draw out!

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