Friday, 24 February 2012

Reduced, But Not By Much

Mary-Jane often asks for a walk.  By this she means a walk in the house, to go and see Gramma and Grandad-dad.  She will ask for 'tune' or 'play tune' - to go and play on Gramma's keyboard piano.  I love this picture of her with her legs either side of the chair.  The Maestro in Action!

I went to Dixons Sale today.  I felt it was a bit of a con.  I only saw one sign for more than a 10% reduction.  The Yarns were reduced mainly by 5% and the patterns books by 10%.  I don't think they will be having much of a clearance.  It is nothing more than a usual sale.  Indeed I believe that you could buy the yarns with the 5% reduction as a normal price elsewhere.  And I was all psyched up for bargains.  As I walked around the store, many people were voicing the same opinion as me, that the, se massive reductions that were advertised were in fact very small reductions.  I still bought some yarn though.  Enough to do Mary-Jane a couple of cardi's and to do me my Surprise Jacket.  I think I may need more yarn.  I have bought 800g of dk.

I didn't get out to visit M this afternoon.  HK is on the mend, although nowhere near to having MJ for a few hours on his own.  I hope things will improve by Monday - I have arranged to see D.  At least she knows I may have to cancel and why.

I have started my Itsy Bitsy Swap Knitting.  Very late in the day.  It has to be sent off by the last day of the month.  I am planning to make two things, and am a quarter the way through the first.  I'll get it done.  I also need to get a fair bit of sugarcrafting done for Tuesday night as well.  It is composition night.  That is going to be a tight schedule.

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