Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Surprise Package

I recieved a surprise package in the post today.  All buttons for surprise, happy and feeling better were hit!  The package was from Lizavietta, a friend from Ravelry.  We have sent each other things before, outside of arranged swaps.  It was Liz that sent me, or rather sent Mary-Jane the outfit with the pink and black skull skirt, I sent jelly babies and hot chocolate powder.

Today Liz sent me some balls of cotton yarn - this type of yarn is difficult to get here, and it is one of my favourite yarns.  It is primarily used for cloths and towels etc, although not exclusively for these items.  Liz also sent a pack of skully tissyes, a key ring that lights up and a show stealing kitchen scrubbing brush which has a skull on the back.  Very fun and very funky!  Massive Thank You's to Liz for her kindness, it has really touched me and made my day.

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