Thursday, 9 February 2012

EZ Three Lace Shawl Cast On

HK's back is still bad.  He is mentioning about going to a GP and getting is sorted.  I'm sceptical, he won't rush to the GP Surgery I don't think.  Mary-Jane was quite tired today, she again spent some of the night awake, coughing.  She did have a good run around the house this afternoon - a walk in the house, as we say.  However come tea time, she had no interest in her tea, and ate only a banana instead.

I went to Fobbles Knit & Natter for a few hours.  It was a bit thin on the ground, enjoyable nontheless.  I worked on Sereknitty and chatted alot.  In fact we all chatted alot.  In the afternoon I was going to visit DP but recieved a phone call saying not to come as the roads were very icy and dangerous.  Needless to say, I didn't go.

This evening, I have given into my Shawl Pre-Occupation Cravings and Cast On.  I decided on the pattern I had seen first.  Elizabeth Zimmerman's Three Lace Shawl from her Knitters Almanac.  It's the one on the front cover.   It is a Pi Shawl, so that will go towards my annual goals that I have set myself.  I am using a Shetland Wool, which I think is two ply.  I'm using 3.5 needles and have 144 stitches so far.  I'm on the fourth round of that section, about to start the lace pattern.  The colour is 'Midnight', black with tiny hints of coloured fleck.  I bought it a few years ago off ebay.  I didn't pay too much for it, I think probably more in postage!  It weighs 525g including the cone.  Tons and Tons of meterage.  I am interested in how much the completed shawl will weigh.  That little discovery will take a few months at least to discover!  Very much worth it though.

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