Sunday, 26 February 2012

Musings Before Wine

Hk's back is making significant improvement.  He managed to come and do a small amount of shopping with Mary-Jane and I this afternoon.  It did make him ache terribly and after admitted that he was struggling.  He says he's okay enough to see to Mary-Jane tomorrow whilst I go for some much needed time out and visit D - with knitting bag in tow.  It almost seems a bit unreal, but not a day too soon.

I am half way through knitting for an Isty Bitsy Swap on Ravelry.  I am swapping with a lady in Australia, I have swapped with her last year, or if I remember correctly, I sent to her and I recieved from someone else, Paula Tavish, if memory serves.  So I can't really tell you what it is.  I have knitted one thing and have knit one row on the second thing.  The only criteria for the swap is that it must be mailed in a green envelope no larger than 9 x 11.  I have found said envleopes on ebay and am waiting for their arrival.  I have signed up for the March Swap.  I do like the small swaps, they are just within my pocket.  The days of my previous swap levels are long gone and not to return for the foreseeable.

Auntie Ann-in-America is visiting for a couple of weeks.  She has just poured me my second glass of wine, so I shall bid you Good Night!!

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