Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancakes, Cubics and A Cracking Back

I took Mary-Jane to a Pancake Lunch today (Tuesday) in The Reading Room in Beckermet.  She was very good and behaved herself.  She didn't want to sit for long, but was happy to stay in the corner and play with her buggy and the contents of my bag.  She ate all her pancake, she had a savoury one with a chicken filling.  As there was no veggie savoury pancakes, I had one with maple syrup and another with apple and cinnamon.  Both lovely but left me feeling quite hungry!

Talking of food, I am hoping to get to the Country Market on Thurday to finally see what that is all about and whether to get involved or not.  I think I probably will.  This evening I have been talking to two more ladies who are involved, one is the Chairman of the Market.  The world in West Cumbria is very small indeed.

Mary-Jane still enjoys walking around the house wearing oven gloves.  In fact she likes wearing any gloves apart from her own to keep her hands warm when we are out!  I can't wait to start baking with her.

I have treated myself to some KnitPros Cubics, with interchangable tips.  I started a new shawl off.  It is the Lydia Lace Crescent Shawl, by Brenda Castiel.  It was in Knit Magazine an issue or two ago.  It was one that I knew I would cast on.  I'm using a 4 ply yarn from Knitting Godess.  I can't remember the name of the colourway or the precise content of the yarn.  I bought it a couple of years ago at the Ravelry Day in Coventry.
The spines are constructed with a mock cable.  I've not used this technique before, although I have come across it.

Here is a close up of the cubics needle.  They are lovely to knit with, I must say.  I thought it might have been tricky to knit with, but once I got cracking I could hardly tell that I wasn't using a normal needle.  I would recommend them.  I got mine from Little Houndale Knits.  I have finally started to finish the Olympic Cushion.  I am wondering if I should have done another.  Quite a few people are asking me how many have I done.  Just the one.  Round wise I'm half way through with it, but these are not equal halves, and it is the smaller half that I have done so far.  It shall soon be done.  The stuffing event is on the 9th March.

Tonight I have been to my first WI Presidents & Secretary's Meeting.  We discussed and planned the Area Spring and Autumn Meetings, then anything else. We spoke about the Olympic Cushions. I am surprised how many people knit round here.  Perhaps it's because I don't know that they do, or they have a different style or attitude to knitting than me.  Or maybe that this community is still quite traditional.  The nearest luxury yarns shops are in Penrith.  I guess I have been quite spoiled with such things, prior to moving here.  I am going on a trip to Caldbeck in a few weeks, a week on Saturday in fact, that has soon come round!  Caldbeck, is known for, amongst other things, being the home of The Wool Clip - the delightful ladies who run The Woolfest.  There may or may not be time to go to Penrith after.  I hope so, I'd like to go the the fabric shop, and the yarn shop (can't remember it's name at the mo). 

And all this depends on whether HK's back is mended by this point.  He says the pain has moved out of his back and is in his legs, which are quite painful.  He is a slightly more looser.  He has also agreed - without any coercion from me, that next time his back flares up like this, then he will go down the surgery straight away and not wait, like he did this time.  So that is something at least.  He actually managed to get his shoes on by himself this morning.  He grinned like a cheshire cat.  Progress. He did way whilst we MJ and I were out that he went to get off the sofa and his back gave an almighty ripping  (and very painful) crack and things seemed to go back into place a bit, although the muscles were very understandably sore.  Following this, the pain in his back decreased but increased in his legs.  I wish I could make him better.

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