Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Visit To The Country Market

I finally got myself down to the Country Market this morning.  It was well worth the visit.  I expressed my intentions to join the co-operative.  It was suggested that whilst I am waiting to take my food hygiene certificate (at the end of March), that I come down and help out (- or was it after I have my cert....) and see how the market runs and what gaps there are for baking, to see who makes what and what doesn't get made.  A good idea.  Most people advise to start small and only do a few things as it takes customers a while to warm to you and to try your products.  It also may be helpful to offer freebie tasters.  Another lady I spoke to, suggested making crumbles, that is right up my ally.  Traditional fayre seems to be the name of the day, most customers are elder, rather than younger.  Another observation passed onto me was that lots of buttercream doesn't go down well, neither does chocolate stuff (!).

I purchased some baked goods - and how lovely it was to think that I have home made goodies and don't have to stand and bake, as much as I like standing and baking!  I purchased some pineapple and fruit cake - very delicious.  Gently moist and gently tasting of pineapple.  I also got a jar of lime marmalade - one of my favourite flavours, some ginger biscuits and shortbread for HK and some treacle toffee for me.  We were going to stop for a brew, but Mary-Jane had got ants in her pants and I think she would have been running around the place, with me high-tailing it after her, so we didn't.  Next time I shall have the reins with me and be better prepared.

I have pickled my eggs this evening.  Two dozen over three jars.  I need to get some more big jars if I'm going to sell any.  I want to perfect my pickling vinegar as well.  The vinegar I have made this time is cloudy, I want it to be clear.  Some experimentation will be afoot!

The departmenst store in Whitehave, Dixons, is having a big clearance sale tomorrow, including the yarns.  I shall endevour to be down there and to bag a bargain.  I am not raising my sights above anything less than 100% acrylic, but have my fingers crossed.  The stuff they sell is mainly good for baby wear.  They stock more in the way of traditional yarns.

HK's back is a little better, so he tells me and has reduced the pain relief.  He says the pain is more in his legs than back.  His legs feel as though they have permanant cramp.  I am dubious that I shall go and see M tomorrow and leave MJ with HK.  I would love go and see M and chat knitty for an hour or two, and have some time out.  I will, maybe not tomorrow though.

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