Saturday, 4 February 2012

Elizabeth Zimmerman - Toddler Surprise Jacket Completed

The TSJ is completed!  I have to sew the buttons on yet.  I have found some, but not decided on them.  I thoroughly recommend this pattern.  It's more than easy, just remember your stitch markers and do a gauge before hand. Easy Peasy.  I've not tried it on Mary-Jane.  She is in bed, having a restful night so far.

This is it before being sewn up.  The button holes are a bit of a give away, otherwise, you may be wondering what on earth it is.

 And sewn up.  I need to mention here that the only sewing up is along the shoulder edge.  I will make the sleeves full length next time.  They are supposed to be 3/4 length.  The neck line looks a little odd.  When you do the long rows, you increase one stitch at the begining of each row to give it shape to accomodate the neck.  It's a new one to me.  Can't wait to see Mary-Jane in it tomorrow. 

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