Friday, 3 February 2012

TSJ - End In Sight

The TSJ nears completion.  I have worked the buttonholes, only a few more ridges to go then the Big Cast Off and even Bigger Button Match Up.  So far I have given virtually no thought to what buttons I may use.  I do have buttons.  I have not looked if any match.  I think I must be hoping that I will fall on them, and that some unlit part of my brain knows I have the right buttons tucked away somewhere, so I am not panicing.  Time will tell.

I'm hoping to finish tomorrow night.  I do have WI paperwork to do, and the deadline for that is looming very close (Monday), so I am sailing close to the wind to get this and the WI stuff done for Monday.  Not that the TSJ has a deadline.  I just want to complete it as soon as, so I can see it on Mary-Jane, not in eagerness to cast the next thing on.

I was reading on Knitting Daily about taming your stash.  They shared an idea which I liked - store all the yarn you are about to use, for up and coming projects etc in a hanging shoe holder.  Simple but effective.  I do have a similar thing to a shoe holder.  I would need to relocate it out of Mary-Jane's room, to I don't know where (that is the big stumbling block).  I may look at the nether reaches of my corner, bhind the lamp to see if it will fit.  Long shot.  But worth looking at. 

Mary-Jane still has her cold, not quite as bad during the day.  Last night she had more coughing fits that the night before.  We had her out all afternoon, doing the weekly shopping and going through to Asda in Workington to get her some bigger vests, and to get HK his monthly sweetie supply.  She played and dived about on her bean bag after we got back.  As soon as I said it was bed time, she showed that she was tired.  She has been coming out with lots of new words and small phrases today - show me, in the garden, see you later.

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