Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday Musings

Right Now:  Been having a look on Ebay, nothing is jumping out at me screeching 'Buy Me!'

This Weekend:  Looking after Mary-Jane and HK.  Clothes shopping for Mary-Jane.

Some Plans This Week:  Take Mary-Jane to playgroup, visit a friend on Thursday, HK's back permitting

If I Find Some Time For Myself I Would Like To:  Knit, no changes there, and do a bit of baking

I Am Grateful For:  HK and MJ, for keeping me grounded

Some Thoughtful Intentions For The Week:  For my Uncle, who has recently had a heart attack; for my friend SM from Sugarcraft, who is in hospital at the moment

Something That Makes Me Smile:  Mary-Jane - everything she says and does.

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