Tuesday, 14 February 2012


This morning, I went to Tesco in Whitehaven. I took Mary-Jane and Mum came along too.  I needed to get bread and milk and put some diesel in the car.  On the penulitmate aisle, I gave Mary-Jane Mr Snuggles, her comforter toy/ small blankie. She had thought it was a great game to keep throwing Mr Snuggles on the floor for me to pick up. I have mentioned him to you before.  When I was going through the checkout, I discovered Mr Snuggles was AWOL.  I doubled back down the last two aisles.  No Mr Snuggles, he was MIA.  After the checkout I went straight to customer services.  By this point I was starting to get a tension headache.  Mr Snuggles hasn't been more than a few feet from MJ for months and months, apart from when he goes in the washing machine.  Luckily, he'd been handed in.  Relief.

I then went to fill the car up at the Tesco petrol station.  I've not filled the car up (to the top) since our long journey up here over a year ago, so it was a big thing to do.  When I opened my purse to pay for the diesel, my card was not there.  I asked if I could go back to the car to check my bag, it wasn't there.  I thought there may be enough to pay on HK's card, which is kept in my purse.  Luckily again, there was.

I then drove back to the main Tesco shop and went to Customer Services.  You can imagine the state I was getting in by this point.  However whilst I was in the queue, I saw the supervisor filing work and folding a piece of paper and sealing it into a secure bag - it looked suspiciously like a card.  It was and it was mine.  I had left it in the card reader when I paid for the groceries mid panic about locating Mr Snuggles before Mary-Jane noticed he was gone.  I was nearly shaking by now.

We got back, I made Mary-Jane her lunch, put the few bits of shopping away and went to make a well deserved cuppa and put my feet up.  I then realised that I had forgotten the bloody milk, the main thing that I had gone out for in the first place.  I wasn't overly impressed with myself.

This level of forgetfulness is very, very unlike me.  I said to HK that he better not have knocked me up again, he snorted derisively at this suggestion.  He puts it down to me being stressed with everything.  He has had a bad back for nearly a week now.  He has been to the doctors with it as well.  It has been so bad over the last few days that I have had to help him out of bed and help dress him. 

I need to calm and relax!

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