Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday Musings

Right Now:  Have just been upstairs to see HK. Am eating a little bit of chocolate.

This Weekend:  I have worked hard, and been snappy with HK when he has been trying to help me and it has hurt his back

Some Plans For This Week:  Tuesday - Baking for Wednesday, need to do baking for Thursday as well.  Wednesday, appt at the Job Centre, to see how they can help me back into work when I want to return to work, this is going to be not far short of laughable.  Also meeting with a lady to discuss raising the profile of crafting in the county

If I find some time to myself, I would like to: carry on knitting and do bake some fancy cupcakes, go visit some friends

I am grateful for: Child Tax Credits, Mary-Jane and HK, being able to be positive

Some Thoughtful Intentions for the week: That HK's back gets better very soon

Something that makes me smile: Mary-Jane and HK, as ever.  Singing 'Balamory' to Mary-Jane over the weekend and her joining in with me - singing together for the very first time.  A Very Special Moment

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