Monday, 19 March 2012

MJ At The Weekend

On Saturday Mary-Jane, Mum and I went to St Bee's, as you already know.  After leaving the Priory, we went to St Bee's Head.  I quite like it there.  I've not been for about 10 months, saying that.  There is a childrens play area, so I took Mary-Jane.  She absolutely loved the slide - the weeeeeee as it is now known!  I lift her up and hold her as she slides down.  She was very taken with it.  In fact, she didn't wan to move far from it and had a paddy when I did try and move her.......

St Bee's Head.  Can't wait to get Mary-Jane down there amongst the rock pools.  Indeed, I can't wait to get her paddling in the sea.
On Sunday we were still blessed with sunshine, although there was a cutting breeze.  HK and I took Mary-Jane out in the garden for a run around.  She found a little circuit, and ran around that lots and lots of times.  My little girl is getting bigger.
Mary-Jane being watched over by HK.  Chooks in the background awaiting treats.

I love this picture.  Mary-Jane got in the Belfast sink by herself - no prompting or encouragement.  I was so glad I had my camera in my hand!

Mary-Jane in motion, with a bit of help grom Granma and a red glove

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