Monday, 12 March 2012

Olympic Cushion Stuffing In Eskdale

On Friday I went to Eskdale to attend the Olympic Cushion Stuffing Event.  I was last there.  Friday can be busy for me - weekly shop day n'all.  After Mary-Jane's lunch we set off.  Ten minutes or so before setting off, I had some devastating news about a close friend, which spun me out more than alot.  I shall write about this after, it's a big issue and deserves a seperate post.

So Mary-Jane and I set off, with me being in a bit of a state inside.  The journey to Eskdale is beautiful.  It was a bit of a grey cloudy misty sort of day.  This is looking back on where we came from, before the final descent into Eskdale - or so it appears to me.

I've just realised that the photos are not in order that I took them, but never mind, you will get the gist.

This is a view from the car park just down from the village hall, facing towards the right, don't ask whether it is north or south etc, I don't have a clue at the mo.  Stunning.

This is from the same place but facing to the left

In a similar place
Looking down into the village.  We walked down here to the Village Hall

View from the back of the car park

The Village Hall is, as I understand it, below the church, rather underneath the church.  It is the Church St Bega.  More history for me to find out.

Another shot from the side of the Church/Village Hall

There were over 60 cushions made.  Women came from all over the county of Cumbria to bring their cushions.  I wish I was able to have got there sooner to meet some and been more part of the day.  Things happen for reasons.

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