Monday, 19 March 2012

Saturday Morning Bargains

Saturday Morning, HK, MJ and I went into Egremont as I had some letters to post and wanted a small blow out.  I suggested the HK that he come and we'd go to have a look in the Charity shop.  He agreed.  Someone must have been smiling on us as we all came away with a purchase.  I found a small, unopened cross stitch kit of a duck with a ladybird, that will look nice in Mary-Jane's bedroom.  I also found a cross stitch chart of Irises in an Art Deco style window.  I like Art Deco.  Mary-Jane had a Tweenies story book, a story book about going to bed and a colouring book.  HK had a Dean Koontz hard back, in very good condition.  HK found Dad a new Spike Milligan hard backed book, again in excellent condition,which he didn't have and a book on Cumbrain poetry.

The best buy by far, was this tapestry.  The frame is really heavy as well.  It has been beautifully stitched.  I cannot believe it has ended up in a charity shop.   I am so glad that I found it.  It had several other pictures in front of it, not tapestries I hasten to add!  I don't know anything about the picture itself, just guess that it is a classic painting.  There is no writing on the back to tell me of the previous owner or who stitched it.

This was priced up at £8. 

I said to the lady behind the counter, who knows us from going in there, that there was no way I could leave such a piece and not buy it. All our purchases came to a grand total of £15. I gave the tapestry to Mum.  She loves it.

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