Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Right Now:  I have been doing some sleuthing on Ravelry to decide what to make someone for a swap.  I have decided on a pattern, the yarn hasn't quite come to me yet.  It will be from my stash of course!  I am eating segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange, it has popping space dust, well that what we called it when I was young.  It kinda like lots of small explosions happening in your mouth.

This Weekend:  We had a proper big Sunday Dinner.  We've not had one for maybe nearly a year.

Some Plans This Week:  Busy day tomorrow, start of a short catering course and sugarcraft in the evening.  I can so see me being too tired to go to sugarcraft.  Fobbles Knit & Natter on Thursday and a cake decorating workshop on Sunday.

If I Find Some Time For Myself, I Would Like To: Rest

Some Thoughtful Intentions For The Week: For my friend Carol who is going through a lot at the moment

I Am Grateful For: The ability to knit to keep me calm and give me head space

Something That Makes Me Smile:  Seeing the Fells

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