Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Country Market Ball Is Rolling

I finally made it for a full session down at the Country Market in Whitehaven.  Nearly a full session.  Mary-Jane chose this morning to have a lie-in so I didn't get down there till about 9ish.  One advantage of this is that I was able to go into Mary-Jane's room and watch her as she slept.  I have not done this for such along time.  I used to go into her every night as I was coming to bed and check she was okay etc.  She then developed some kind of 'Mommy Sense' and would rouse and start to wake up when I was watching her.  She didn't do this with Daddy.  He could stand and watch her for ages without her stirring, but I couldn't.  So it was a avery rare treat to watch her sleeping.  I think I fell in love with her all over again.

I have officially joined The Country Markets Co-operative.  I shall start producing when I have the Food Hygiene Cert in my hands.  Most of the baked goods are traditional.  Everyone was welcoming and giving me hints and tips, all of which are useful.  I'm all ready to start producing.  I shall start with scones and perhaps some kind of cake.  I'm not sure yet what sort of cake.  While we were there, two ladies asked to film the market very briefly, I'm talking a few seconds.  This is part of the bid for Whitehaven to be one of Mary Portas' 12 English Towns to recieve a facelift.  I've only looked into it a little bit so far.  Apparantly the film that was shot today will be on You Tube at some point, I may have to have a look.  I was tucked away at the back as I don't have an apron for the Market yet.

This afternoon, we went through to Workington again, this time to get HK and Mary-Jane more shoes - HK another two pairs of the crocs and Mary-Jane a further two pairs of her Minnie Mouse crocs in different sizes.

I have started my Birthday Scarf for a friend.  There was a text on my phone when I got up this morning, saying what colours she likes and doens't like.  I was pleased.  I'm going ahead with the yarn I orignally thought.  I have done all of six inches or so.  It is quite straight forward, so it will be a matter of time. I'm sure she won't mind if it's late!

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