Wednesday, 21 March 2012

February Itsy Cloths and A Quiet Day

As you know, I took part in the Itsy Bitsy February Swap.  My partner was Barbbowman.  This is what I sent her.  Both designs are by Knitwits and are available for free on Ravelry.  The first one is called Spring Flowers.  I have done both designs before.

 This is four shamrocks/clovers.  I love cloths.  They are fun to do, don't take long, are pretty and useful.

Today has been a quiet sort of day.  Mary-Jane is not up to her full quota of beans yet, she still sounds a little chesty and was coughing again in the night.  HK signed on this afternoon at Cleator Moor.  On the same run we took the household recycling and went to the Co-op to get top ups of milk, bread and bananas.  Nothing overly exciting!  I made a quiche - danish blue and mushrooms.  The danish blue is stronger and creamier than the usual stilton I use.  I was going to make some cupcakes but Mary-Jane's need for Momma was greater than my need to make cupcakes. 

I treated myself to some new books (have I told you already?) on sugarcraft and cupcakes.  I am making my way through having a look at them, not properly poured over then yet.  I am inspired to make cupcakes a-go-go.  And celebration cakes.  There is a WI Raffle next month and I might see if I can organise myself to make a big cake for then, I'm not holding my breath on that one, it's just a perhaps.

The Winter Apple Shawl has had a couple more rows added to it this evening.  In a night or two, I shall have to start doing for the next Itsy Bits Swap - to be sent off at the end of the month.  I need to get my finger out really.  I have decided on the yarn, not the pattern yet.  The orignal decision of what to do for this I'm not doing as I couldn't find the exact yarn in my stash that I was looking for.

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