Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday Musings On Tuesday

Tuesdays are happening more often!

Right Now:  I have been catching up with the blog.  I have spent a few hours working on my Winter Apple Shawl.  I have made a few mistakes, thankfully noticed them not long after I'd made them so not too much tinking.

This Weekend: A trip to St Bees, a tired Mary-Jane and bargains to be had

Some Plans For This Week: Not to make too many plans!  I went to see a friend yesterday and am going out again on Thursday.  Friday I am doing my Food Hygiene Award, so I can be a produced at The Country Market.

If I Find Some Time For Myself I Would Like To:  do some baking.  Do some sugarcraft, perhaps ideally find something in one of my new sugarcraft books and have a go at making that.  Failing that I would like to have a good look through and read of my books

I am grateful for: HK, for who he is and what he means to me

Some Thoughtful Intentions For The Week: For Carol Riley.  I have written to her, posted it on Saturday.  I have sent her a cloth with picture of Praying Hands

Something That Makes Me Smile:  This afternoon, Mary-Jane came up to me on the sofa and spontaneously planted four kisses on my lips.  I got very gushy.

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