Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Midafternoon Nap

Mary-Jane is getting over her cold now.  She had an early night last night and a bit of a lay in this morning.  She appeared much brighter this morning and more energetic.  Come this afternoon, I cancelled any plans to have kitchen time as Mary-Jane was getting clingy with us both, she wanted us both to be there on tap, literllay going form one to another of us.  We looked at each other 'She's tired and struggling'.  A short while after this, she climbed on Daddy's knee, and relaxed.  Moments later her eyes were going and she was asleep.

How cute and beautiful

Peaceful and safe in her sleep on Daddy's lap


paula said...

Our neighbor boy, across the street, Aiden, will be 2 this spring. He puts his fingers in his mouth just like M-J . . . only two I have ever seen do this.

I like your cloths and shamrock.

CarpeDyem said...

She looks cute when she does it, as long as she grows out of it, when the time is right, I dont' want the habit to end up like thumb sucking.