Friday, 23 March 2012

Pie, Peas, Pudding and Poetry

Another busy day.  I attended West Lakes College today and did my Level 2 Food Hygiene.  It will be 4 -  6 weeks (or less) before I hear if I've passed, which I'm sure I have.  There was an exam at the end of the day.  We finished two hours early, which was lovely as I was missing Mary-Jane.  I will probably have to wait until the certificate comes through before I can start producing for the County Market.  It will give me chance to try and clean the kitchen properly, and keep it clean.

My first issue of 'Cake Decorating' came through today.  It's one of those magazines that you get a part each week with freebies, rather than a regular magazine.  I've not yet found out how many parts there are to it.  I am still getting 'Baked & Delicious', there are 60 parts to that and I am at the half way point with that.  I need to start to feel less tired all the time so I can bake with mojo.  There are so many things I want to bake and techniques I want to try out working with sugarcraft.

This evening I went to Lamplugh.  Lamplugh WI held a Pie, Pea, Pudding and Poetry night.  I quite enjoyed it.  I had a cheese and onion pie with mushy peas.  I was being very adventurous with the mushy peas.  These are usually high on the yuk factor with me and I cannot remember when I tried them last.  But I had some.  I wouldn't say I enjoyed them, but ate them, didn't find them offensive and would try them again.  Perhaps with a bit of vinegar.  I also had a slice of Pavlova with kiwi fruit and strawberries.  All washed down with a couple of cups of tea.  And Poems.  Mainly funny ones, with a few funny stories.  A genteel evening.  I shall go next year.  On such a note, I am going to a Victorian Afternoon Tea on Sunday with M and LA - have I already mentioned that before?

We have had sunshine again today and it's given out for a nice weekend. I shall hope to take Mary-Jane out some where, beyond the weekly trip to Tesco's, perhaps we might just take in another church on The Viking Trail and somewhere for Mary-Jane to have a run around.  HK is hoping to give the lawns the first cut of the year.  I am quite anxious in case he knackers his back and legs up again.  Another two months of so of him being incapacitated will be difficult to handle.  Saying that, I know that he agrees with me on this one and says he will be very careful. Hhhhmmm.

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