Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Winter Apple, Workington and Stash Surfing

HK, Mary-Jane and I went through to Workington, to go to Asda to get Mary-Jane some new clothes for the spring and summer.  We got her some pretty dresses and shorts that would be good for everyday and playing in the garden.  We had lunch in Morrisons Cafe.  Mary-Jane did us proud and was such a good girl.  She ate all her lunch - fish fingers, peas and mash, with sliced apple and grapes and apple juice.  And a little bit of cheese from my sandwich and the odd chip.  She does like her cheese.  Some ladies even commented on how good she was at the table and at eating her meal.  HK and I just grinned.

I have been stash surfing.  I have found the yarn I wanted to use for my friends gift.  However, it doesn't have her favourite colour in it, so I don't know whether she would wear the colours that are in it.  I did text her to ask her about colours, but as yet no reply.  I have found 100g of DK that I dyed, with a colour in it that is nearly turquoise (her favourite colour), it also has a fresh green and a darkish dusky rose.  The pattern calls for an aran weight, Noro Kuryeon to be precise.  The Kureyon I have is dark brown, cerise pink, green, red and light brown.  I'm itching to start.  I need to be patient.

So this evening I have continued working on Winter Apple.  I am now ready to start row 25.  I did think up till a few seconds ago that there was just under 50 rows to this shawl in total, although I did entertain a quiet disbelief in the further recesses of my mind.  It dawned on me that, judging by how much I have already done, a total of 50 rows is way off the mark.  Consultation with that patterns tells me that this little thought is quite right.  I finish row 48 with 199 stitches.  I have to continue to seven stitches, decreasing 6 stitches over two rows, as per pattern.  So that is another 64 rows than what I originally thought.  Bugger.  At least the rows are getting shorter and not longer!  If they were getting longer and I had an extra 64 rows to do than what I thought, that is a more significant amount.

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