Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Grand Day Out - Part 2 - The Wool Clip

From the Rheged we drove to Caldbeck.  Caldbeck is a picturesque village.  I've been once before, a few years ago.  We arrived around 12.30.  Caldbeck is home to The Wool Clip.  It is also the final resting place for John Peel, the famous Huntsman (D'ye ken John Peel) and Mary Robinson, the 'Maid of Buttermere'.

We all arrived at the same time and decided to look around The Wool Clip before having lunch.  The Wool Clip is a co-operative of ladies who, between them do all things woolly.  They spin, dye, design, knit, crochet and make rugs to name but a few skills.  The are also the ladies that organise The Woolfest.  When you walk into the Wool Clip, one thing that, to me is noticable is that the place actually smells of wool (in a good way!).  Before you enter the shop, you are greeted by yarn bombing of a tree and a water tap.

This is one of the views taken when you exit the wool clip
Myself and M.  I lurve her bag, it's felted.  I love the shape of it.  I have it on my never ending list of things I'd like to make.
This is The Wool Clip, in Old Priests Mill.  The Wool Clip is on the left hand side, it was originally on the right.  Behind the Mill is The Watermill Cafe, where we had lunch.  I would recommend this place.  I had a baked potato with coleslaw and cheese.  The potato was cooked to perfection and a variety that suited being baked.  The cheese was strong and tasty.  The coleslaw home made.  Along side this was a salad bowl, which I very nearly cancelled as there are not many things in a salad that I like.  I'm glad I didn't.  It had some more coleslaw, grated carrots with a dresing and a scrummy bean salad, all drizzled over with fresh lemon juice.  Very tasty!  It could have been a small meal in itsef.

This is St Kentigerns, containing the grave of John Peel.  I think Mary Robinson may also lie there, I would have to double check.  We didn't have time to walk around the village as I wanted to get back for about 4pm, for Mary-Jane and HK.

There were many things I was tempted to buy.  I decided to be good and mull prospective purchases over, whilst I had lunch.  I decided that I would get a skein of 4ply angora mohair hand dyes cerises with a little bit of bright green.  When I was rummaging for it, my eye caught this skein and my mind was made up.  I was thinking of really pushing the boat out and buying a skein of silk, angora and soemthing else delectable that I can't remember.  It was 2 ply but cost £20.  I would like to start to get into more natural and rare breeds yarns, in the fullness of time.  The textures and colours are really something else.

With this skein I am going to make a shawl with a watery theme.  I had a quick look last night for patterns and set a few in my Rav queue.

The day was thoroughly enjoyable.  I'd like to go back to the Rheged - I've seen a woolly event in April, part of the conclusion of the exhibition we saw.  I'd like to go back to The Wool Clip, the Watermill Cafe and have a look around the village.

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