Sunday, 1 April 2012

Carlisle And Cake

We have had another day of sunshine here.  Albeit not as warm as the past few days, it was still welcoming.

Most of daytime yesterday I was at Carlisle for the WI Spring Council Meeting.  It wasn't too bad.  The room was hot and stuffy though and I couldn't stifle my yawns.  I got a mention from the podium, to give credit for organising the Olympic Cushions - I quickly corrected this as soon as I could speak to SH.  I also got a mention for helping to raise the profile of crafting.  My first council meeting and I get two metions - not bad going eh?!  I was at the Home Crafts / Crafting stall for most of the lunch break as well, getting myself known and doing my bit.  I think over the next few months I shall be kept very busy with this. SH said that we had hit the ground running with the Craft Club initiative.

The County Home Crafts Committee will be voted for this month, not sure of the date yet.  I have been nominated.  More than enough to keep me busy.  As I said on Saturday, I now have my fingers in enough pies and I don't want to stick them in any more!  I think it will be interesting doing this crafts thing, I just don't want it to become too much for me.

I actually knew a few people at the meeting, it was nice to walk in to such a big room and people say hello to me by name.

I got back in time to spend a good hour or two with Mary-Jane before her bed time.

On a completely different note - I have made the first version of Herman The German Friendship Cake.  No pictures - sorry.  It is half gone already.  I didn't quite get the oven temp right, I didn't factor in enough for the oven being fan or convection or what ever it is.  It could have done with being baked at a slightly lower temp.  It tasted very scrummy though, and the apples stayed in lumps rather than go to mush. I have not divided the batter into four.  I took out a quarter for todays cake, which was around 200ml.  I will give some to D, but as I'm not sure when I will see her next, I thoguth it would be best to keep it altogether.  At the next opportune time I will take some more batter and make another cake.  I might even try keeping the batter going and make variations of it.  I am also tempted to make a sourdough for bread.  I was hankering after doing this for quite a while last year, but didn't think there was anywhere suitable in the house to leave it.  There is nothing stopping me now from starting one. 

We have been to Little A (local Asda) this afternoon to get Mary-Jane some tuna and fish and meat pastes.  She likes bread, well, she likes HK's bread so we thought we would try her with proper sandwiches, which so far we haven't.  She had a salmon paste sandwich for her tea and ate it all up.  She has a liking for chocolate, she only has this on a weekend usually.  She also had half of HK's cake this afternoon as well.  She likes cake as well.  And cheese.

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