Sunday, 15 April 2012


These past days that I have not blogged is because I have had a nasty virus/bug whatever you want to call it.  It was one of those where you don't know which end to hang over the toilet, but sometimes wish you could hang both ends at the same time..... nuff said about that!  I have passed it on to HK, and to poor Mary-Jane and Mum.  Mary-Jane doesn't seem to be as bad as me or HK, thankfully.  She has been off her food a bit, and not got quite as much energy.  Her nappies have been rather, well, rather bloomin awful to say the least!!!  We are much over the worst of it, and nearly back to normal.  The first 24 hours were the worst, then I got better quickly, but it seemed to linger.

I have finished Winter Apple Shawl and it looks lovely.  It does need to be blocked.  I shall however take it to Woodlands tomorrow and show it off.  I need to cast on a cloth for a swap, that shall be tomorrow night.  I haven't decided what pattern to use yet, I shall look through my files of patterns and be inspired.  This evening I have been working on Lydia Cresent Shawl and getting on well with it.  It is only garter stitch with two spines featuring a baby cable.  After that it may well be EZ time - the Pi Shawl and making a start on my Adult Surprise Jacket.

I have made another pie for tea, a veggie meat and tattie pie.  Scrumptious.  My pastry is improving.  HK could hardly move after he finished, just hope a big meal won't upset his insides.

My mind is a little blank, at the moment, tiredness and being post-lurgy is what I blame it on.  Until tomorrow!

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