Friday, 27 April 2012

Veg Patch Underway

I am looking forward when I can start a blog post along the lines of 'I had a really lazy day today'.  It will come, I'm sure!  Mary-Jane and I did the weekly shop this morning.  I got back, made Mary-Jane's lunch and put the shopping away whilst HK took her in the garden.  Shortly after her finishing her lunch, we went back into Whitehaven for a blow out with Granma and Grandad.  HK had continued to be busy in the garden.  He had dug over half the veg patch and put our table and chairs out.  It was delightful, in a warm sort of way, to see them.  It does hurt to remember all the times we sat at the table at the old house.  I try my best not to remember, it is still like an open wound.  Even so, I relaxed a little, whilst we were sat there, having a cuppa and I was sharing my sandwich with Mary-Jane.  It seems quite sheltered here, compared with on the yard by the back door.  Hopefully it won't be long before I can take my knitting outside........

As soon as Mary-Jane saw the chairs, she was asking 'chair up please'.  The newly dug veg patch is just to the left.

The dogs had been playing and barking, getting MJ's attention whilst she was eating her biccies
I like this picture as Mary-Jane is holding on to HK's finger and he is looking down at her.

The slide still holds excitement for her.   She is wearing a poncho that I made for her quite a while ago now.

Evening has been relaxing.  I have not heard a peek from MJ.  I have watched three hours of TV (Game of Thrones, Alcatraz and Fringe).  I have been cracking on with my ASJ.  It needs the right level of concentration I can muster at the moment.  I have now done seven and a half ridges.


Unknown said...

Putting in a new garden is definitely hard work but I've never met a gardener who didn't thrill at spending a good portion of each day with hands in muck. :)

Have you seen the latest Knitty? There's a Dr Who inspired pattern that made me think of you. No, not an obscenely long scarf, but a shawl with the Tardis made out of lace stitches.

CarpeDyem said...

It is hard work, no doubt about that. It is made more difficult in that we do not have over-riding say in what goes on in the garden. Further comment on that is not for the public arena! Ian is more than willing to put the hard work in to get the garden in some semblance of order.

I had the quickest of looks at the new knitty last night, I followed the link to the afternoon tea shawl (so up my alley, I need another serious look at it!), I did see a tardis item, but nothing more than a cursory glance - at the moment, will look more!