Monday, 9 April 2012

Experimental Baking

I tried out a new recipe this afternoon, just a simple one.  The cakes tasted okay, but I'll not be rushing to make them again.  The recipe was 'Queen Cakes'.  It is the basic fairy cake recipe with raisisn or sultanas.  The picture in the book showed them bake in mini bundt tins.  The did look rather delicious.  I got our my silicone mini bundt tray and I was off and away.  All was well until I came to turn them out, then disaster stepped in, I couldn't turn them out properly.  Only one came to near how it should be.  I made six mini bundt, the rest of the batter was put in seven fairy/cup cake cases.  I have had such problem with silicone before.  I need to find out where I am going wrong.  I have a growing collection of silicone bakeware!

The second experiment was to bake Herman The German as a mini cake.  Keeping in with the theme of bundt, I used a larger bundt tin - a tin not silicone - and had a much better degree of success.  So much so that I wish I had some custard powder in so I could have some with the cake!  However it dawned on me just as I was putting them in the oven, that this was the wrong shape tin to do them in.  The cake would need to be turned upside down to present/serve.  The melted butter and sugar topping would then be on the bottom.  Nah, that was put down to experimental baking.  I'm sure they will taste good, just the wrong shape. 

If they had worked out, then I would have done them for the Market.  As I said to HK, I was so gald I had the chance to do the baking today rather than Wednesday - that would have sent me spiralling into orbit.  So that's two cakes I can cross off my list of suggestions! 

I was going to make some gingerbread today as well.  I went to the Co-op for bread and milk and picked up treacle and brown sugar.  I got back the the house and realised that I had picked up soft light brown sugar instead of dark brown.  It will get used for something else no doubt!

Mary-Jane has been much more herself today.  She had another nappy to say that she had had an upset tum.  She has eaten much better today, not drank as much as she usually does.  She has done her best to be on the go most of the day.  No easter eggs though.


paula said...

Okay . . what is treacle? I have heard of it, but for the life of me, I can't remember. . . and Gene had no idea . . LOLat him since he actually does know about everything :0}

I have never had luck with silicon lined baking wear . . seems like there is something about them that messes up the end result here too.

Unknown said...

Paula, "treacle" is the same thing as molasses in the US.

Regarding the silicone...could it be that oven temperatures need to be adjusted because metal conveys heat differently than silicone? Just a guess. I know that the oven temperature needs to be lower (I think 25 degrees F) if baking in glass than in metal.

Just did a quick check on Google. I found a recipe booklet for silicone cake pans * and compared these recipes against some "basic" cake recipes. The cakes are cooked at the same temperature in all recipes but the ones in the silicone pans were cooked for much longer. 50 to 60 minutes instead of 20 to 30.

Maybe this will help?

For the record, I looked at the Lekue booklet found on this website.