Thursday, 5 April 2012

March Itsy Bitsy Swap Revealed

My March Itsy Bitsy Swap has reached it's new home in the USA, so now I can reveal what I made.  The theme was Spring and pastel spring colours.  I chose both the patterns as they were flowers and because I had not printed the pictures with the pattern, so I wasn't sure what they should look like - a bit of a mystery!

The first it 'Tulip Bud in Garter Stitch' from the Lilly site.  The yarn is Peaches N Creme 'Spring Meadows'.
 This slightly blurred cloth is Carlsbad Flower Fields by Maile Mauch, knitted in Peaches N Creme 'Shades of Spring'.  I liked doing this one for the simple repititon and texture.

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