Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Getting Ready For The Market

I had a phone call this morning with some sad news that a lady I know from the market and another WI had been rushed into hospital.  At the time, it was not known what is the matter with her, and I certainly wouldn't like to guess with the symptoms I've been told.  I was asked if I would mind making some scones, and a few other items.  Although my cert hasn't arrived yet, they are willing to over look that under the circumstances.  At such short notice, all I could do was 32 scones - half are cheese and half are fruit. 

After the phone call, it wasn't too long before I needed to start thinking about what to do Mary-Jane for her lunch.  After that I had to take Ian to sign on and do the recycling, and pick up some flour etc for baking.  So I started baking at around 3.  Mary-Jane has her tea about 4.30.  I don't think I did too bad, to say it was dropped on me.  I really intended to do much more planning, about what I was going to make and in what order.  Wrapping the scones up and writing the labels took a bit of time as well.  I've not stuck the labels on yet as I couldn't remember what corner they are to go on.  I'm also taking a few dozen eggs as well.  If I sell everything that I take, I shall end up with about £6.50 profit.  It's a start.

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