Monday, 30 April 2012

Garden, Cake & Cuppa

The blessed weather has been so different from yesterday.  I'm not complaining.  It got so hot after lunch that I took Mary-Jane indoors.  When we first went out, she had a coat, t shirt, tights and vest.  When we went in she had just her vest and skirt on!  As well as her hat, of course.  As soon as we got out side, she headed straight for the veg patch and started playing with the soil, helping Daddy dig.  I am so excited about planting seeds and potatoes with her. 
I think this is a beautiful image

The love of my life being watched over by the love of my life

This afternoon, Mary-Jane and I went to a MS Fundraising Cake and Cuppa at Gosforth Church Room - the same place she goes to Playgroup (although she hasn't been for a bit).  We were first there.  It got very busy.  We sat at a table that was for children.  Plates of home made biscuits were on the table along with icing pens and jelly tots to decorate the biccies with.  After the second biscuit, Mary-Jane got the idea, and wanted all hers decorating.  She even tried decorating them herself, but I had left the lid on the pen.  I must try doing biscuit decorating with her at home.  I have a gorgeous chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate ganache.

She was very shy at first, becoming more confident after 10 minutes or so, she did want to be within her arms length of me though.  She behaved very well.  She sat in the chair at the table for around 40 minutes before starting to become fidgety.  The room was very noisy with people's chatter.  I was so very proud of her.  She did feel relaxed enough to do some of her animal noises - cow, sheep, lion, owl and cat to the lady that I was sat with - who was very impressed!

I have been successful in my hunt for some yarn for her Rainbow TSJ.  I had another search on t'internet this morning and found the best price by far was from The Wool Sak.  Prior, the best price I had found was £1.49 per ball, plus p&p.  The Wool Sak was £1.19 and free p&p. The p&p is going up from today, as the postal costs have gone up by stupid amounts.  The only draw back was that you had to order ten balls.  Easily done.  I'm looking forward to the parcel arriving and actually seeing the colours and hoping that most of then go together so I can do the Rainbow TSJ.  And there will be enough for a few more garments for her too.  I shall certainly remember where to go to get this yarn from again.  It may be 'cheap and nasty' acrylic, but it is the most ideal thing for Mary-Jane at the moment, and the colour range isn't too bad at all. 

HK is planing to go fishing tomorrow.  I have MJ to myself.  I might continue with The Viking Trail.

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