Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Yarn And The Home Crafts Sub-Committee

My yarn from The Wool Sak arrived today.  I was very impressed with their promptness in getting my my package.  So here are the colours.  Some of the colours are brighter than what I thought they would be, noticeably the pink and orange - they're neon.  I need to match them well before I start.  I think I have an order for them.  I shall see what the cold light of day brings.  I have a certain amount of blind faith.  HK does not.  He is very good with colours and kept on saying that they may look different once they are knitted up!

I had a letter today from Cumbria/Cumberland Federation of Women's Institutes.  They are formally inviting me to join the Home Crafts Sub-Committee.  I am really thrilled.  I will be on the committee for two years.  They - we meet four times a year. I'm eager to see what I can be getting up to - all within reason of course!  I have already returned my acceptance form.  The first meeting is on 22nd May in Carlisle.

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