Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Ramblings

Friday Evening Already.  I think we must both be tired, HK and I. We are showing signs of being tired.  A few early nights for me won't go amiss!  Last night I got engrossed in looking for yarns to dye, primarily to try and sell.  I was contrasting and compairing weights of yarn and type of yarn.  I did catch myself day dreaming again of being able to sell hand dyed yarn again.  This time around, I was trying to day dream more practicably.  What would it cost, what would the profit margin be, would it be feasable, what else is being sold, what is that like and what are the prices.  Then it was a case of getting in the kitchen to dye and drying the yarn.  I no longer have the luxury of having a Knitting Room, where part of it was geared up for dyeing yarn.  I have a cluttered shared kitchen, of which I am not queen.  Where there is a will, there is a way. 

I am also getting a yearning for making cup cakes.  This has been knocking around my head for a good few days now.  I've not made any for a while.  It may be about time.  I don't want to do many, just one batch.  I still want to make the Rhubarb Quickbread.  I also want to remember why I put apples on my shopping list.  I know it was for something specific - and don't say to eat - but the reason has eluded me, even when I bought some today.  Hopefully it will come to me before the apples turn!  If not, I have a small recipe book, just for apples.

Mary-Jane was very unsettled at bed time.  She didn't settle till about half seven.  I think she may have a touch of belly ache, judging from what she was tyring to say and piecing things together.  She is asleep at the moment.  Last night she awoke shortly after midnight and didn't settle till half one.  No wonder we are tired and at each other.

I have not looked again at the colours for Mary-Jane's TSJ.  My ASJ is progressing.  It is just the sort of knitting I need or can do at the moment.  Saying that though, the Pi shawl gave me a little wave today, so after a few nights decent sleep I may give that more thought.  I have more things I want to do than what I have time for.

Mary-Jane is learning to go up and down stairs.  She is doing very well.  The stairs will need to be gated very soon!

Oh!  May The 4th Be With You!!


Unknown said...

Make apple crisp!

It's really good served warm for dessert but I think it's even better served cold for breakfast. You don't need lemons (make the crisp topping before preparing the apples) and any sort of apples will do.

CarpeDyem said...

Thank You, I'll look the recipe up and give it a try. HK laughed at me when I told him my sorry tale of forgetting why I wanted the apples but getting them anyway!