Saturday, 26 May 2012

5 + 2

I started dyeing a further two skeins last night, finishing them off this morning.  I wanted fairly strong colours, but not a solid colour.  No Nemesis Pink in sight.  On the left is Ice Blue raspberry and on the right is Lime-Lemon.  I mixed five sachets with a pint of water.  When the yarn was immersed I sprinkled on a further two sachets.  I left them overnight to soak up all the colour.

I am pleased with the results.  I took the yarn out of the baths, gently squeezes excess water out then microwaved each skein for two minutes on medium - our microwave is quite a powerful one - then let it coo, then nuked it for another two minutes.  After letting it cool again, I rinsed them thoroughly then draped them over the washing line to dry naturally.

I think I can see shawls for each colour.  I am tempted to do a cherry red skein as well. Hhmm.  I will.  I gifted the Nemesis Pink to my knitty friend D.  She saw it this afternoon and went oooooooh, so I let her have it as an early birthday pressie.  Two happy knitters!
It has been terribly hot here again today. Mary-Jane has been out of sorts.  Early afternoon she asked me to take her bo-bo's (to bed to sleep, bo-bo's means to sleep).  She got hold of my fingers and virtually pulled me out of the room.  She has not had a nap during the day since about October.  However once I put her on her bed, she screamed the house down, thus didn't nap.  HK is being knocked about by the sun and the heat as well.  I was going to make some biccies today, but I decided not too, the heat rendered me to 'can't be bothered'. 

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