Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pasta, Craft & Yarn

I bought a pasta making machine this morning.  I have been after one of these for quite some time.  I saw an ad for some and hot footed it into Whitehaven.  I hope I can get on with it okay.

This afternoon was our Craft and Natter at Beckermet.  It was well attended - 12 people altogether.  I forgot to take my camera.  It was good to see people doing various crafts - knitting, crochet, sewing - machine and hand, and cross stitch.  We were talking of making the session for three hours instead of two.  We were also thinking about whether to put on a day long C&N, perhaps in September or October.  I think it would be wuite fun.  We have enough time to spread the word and if it is successful then we can have them quarterly, or something like that.  I will post more about this on the C&N blog.

I took my ASJ to do.  I was also very kindly gifted someone's knitting needles and crochet hooks.  J does not knit anymore, so has passed her needles onto me.  I was quite honoured.  Again more on the C&N blog.

My lace weight Bluefaced Leicester arrived this morning.  I have not long since opened the package.  The yarn smells, well, as you think it would, woolly.  I am soooo looking forward to dyeing it.  I think the first skein may just be shades of purple, followed by a pinky one, then maybe a red.  I'm quite tempted to do an orangey one as well.

The sinusitus symptoms are still knocking around, although are being kept at bay with regular paracetamol.

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Unknown said...

Ooooh, I love that wooly smell. Actaully, the only part about spinning that I enjoyed was preparing the fleece. I loved the smell of the dry, freshly scoured fleece that still has some of its grease. Made me think happy farm thoughts. :)