Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another Quiet, Rainy Sunday

This morning was very sunny and bright, at around 7am.  The weather has got steadily worse throughout the day, ending with lots of rain and even more wind.  No playing out in the garden for us.  However we did go to Tesco after brekkie and managed to get Mary-Jane four pairs of pj's.  I got her aged 2-3.  My little girl is growing fast.  I was looking at some of her baby photos just, from when she was only a few weeks old.  It seems another life time ago.

I have been lucky enough to look on ebay again today.  Mary-Jane usually protests very loudly if I am on the laptop when she is around.  I have treated myself to some sugarcraft cutters.  They are coming from Hong Kong, so it will be a few weeks before they arrive.  They are about a third of the price as I would get them here and no packing and postage to boot.  I shall have to start doing some sugarcraft before I get too rusty with it!  I also got a pair of Mickey and Minnie cookie cutters.

The ASJ is coming on - 16 increase rows.

I think I am still feeling a bit peeved after Thursday, although am starting to come around a bit.  I think HK might be thinking that the sugarcraft cutters will go some way to cheering me up.  They will.  I would have liked to have done some baking today, but I am not the only one in the house that want to use the kitchen!

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Unknown said...

It's Mother's Day here in the US so I am glad you treated yourself, even if it will take a few weeks to get there. It will be like an Unbirthday gift!