Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I have been reading another blog - Roobeedoo - and have been inspired.  Roobeedoo makes her own clothes, and features 'Me Made' Months.  I have been toying with starting dress making again.  The thought has been lurking in the deeper darker recesses of my mind for a long time.  It is not the first time recently that I have gone surfing for dressmaking patterns, only the second.  I would like to have a go at sewing again.  All the knowledge is in my brain waiting to be unlocked.  What goes against me at the moment is time (to sew and do), space (to sew and do) and money to buy patterns and fabric (to sew and do).  I shall keep my eye out for bargain patterns and fabric.  If I can find a basic block pattern, then I can revise and de-rust my memories of pattern cutting and grading, which once upon a time, were very good.  Following on from this, I could design my own patterns.  Something else that I am capable of doing, just have not done for many, many years.  A long term project in the making.  But I am inspired.

I think I have got a bout of sinusitus.  All the symptoms are there, and are currently being kept at bay with paracetamol.  I did take one co-codamol when I went to bed last night and that did the trick then, although I did wake up with a very dry mouth.  I have spent most of the day mentally trying not to go into 'monging mood' where I am vague and feel distant, a good indicator that I am not feeling well.

I did plan to go to St Bridgets church, as part of the Viking Trail after HK signed on this afternoon.  I even put the guide book and camera in my bag.  Once we had done the recycling, I thought it was best that I went back to the house and not for a small sojourn, in case that tired me out completely and made me feel worse.  I did think to make some biscuits, I had decided on the custard creams, for the craft group tomorrow, but was beaten to the kitchen again. 

Talking of biscuits, I have been googling banana biscuits and have found about three recipes which I wouldn't mind trying.  The ones I looked at in the main had either oats or walnuts in.  I have oats in the cupboard and walnuts are on the shopping list for Friday.

Last night Mary-Jane was awake for about an hour before she settled back to bed.  She got quite distraught at one point.  Tonight she has been awake and crying, we bought her through to our room, for nearly an hour.  She has spent the last half hour playing and chattering on her bed.  Fingers crossed she will settle to sleep soon.

ASJ - just started ridge 61

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