Saturday, 12 May 2012

Getting Closer To Dyeing

I'm still feeling a little fed up, but trying not to dwell on it.  It has been a fairly sunny day today.  This afternoon, Mary-Jane, Mum and I went to Workington primarily to get Mary-Jane some new pyjamas.  I couldn't find any with long sleeves.  Bit of a bugger really!  If she had short sleeves, she may scratch the inside of her elbows, which flare up from time to time.  She is a scratcher, so I want to reduce where she can get to to scratch.  Back to the drawing board on this one.

I discovered last night that there is a new Jane Austen Knits magazine, from Interweave, due out later this month.  With increased heart rate, I pre-ordered my copy from Hulu as fast as my fingers could type.  I can't wait.  I very much like the first one.  It is a little ray of sunshine for me at the moment.

I am having more serious thoughts about buying some yarn to dye, then selling it.  I have looked on a couple of sites for yarn.  It seems that without buying bulk, there is very little profit in it.  I need to keep looking.  One site I went on said that their first minimum order was £200, which is beyond my budget at the moment.  I need to start slowly slowly, not too slowly.  I think I will go for finer yarns, rather than the heavier weight ones.  I would be quite tempted to go stash surfing in the yarn that I dyed previously and have a go at making some felted bags.  Not to sell or anything like that.  Just to use the yarn up and remind myself how much I like dyeing yarn, making something with it and felting.  Hhmmmm.  Thoughts might have been sewn here.  A new felted bag.  I've not had one of those for a long time, not counting the one that Knitr54 sent me  early last year, which I still use everyday.

For a very long time I have wanted to make a mitred tote style bag.  I saw the pattern done in a recycled sari silk and it looked wonderful.  I assume it would work as a felted bag, anything where there is colours.  I am not yet needing a break from my ASJ.  I am now 8 ridges into the increases.  I know I'm not of the frame of mind to do lace work.  I might just have a cathartic look round ebay.

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