Friday, 11 May 2012

A Few Sleepless Nights And A Sad Decision

Mary-Jane has been having some restless evenings and nights.  This is what has kept me away from blogging (and knitting).  Just something to be expected really, and we have been very lucky with her sleep pattern so far.  Some of the days she has been tired, following a not good night. She won't let herself take a nap.  At best she will have a 'slob' on Daddy, a rest and relax and a cuddle on Mommy's lap and that will do her. 

I did manage to get out to the WI on Wednesday evening.  The speaker was a lady who weaved.  I was taught and weaved a fish on a fishing line out of willow.  No picures as yet.  When I got back, Mary-Jane was exercising her lungs and definitely not asleep!

Thursday, I acted on a decision.  I have decided not to continue with The Country Market for the foreseeable.  It broke my heart to reach this decision.  The main reason for this is that, as HK is on benefits and is claiming for me, we are only allowed to make £10 per week, anything above that is deducted from our benefit.  I would also have to keep formal accounts and show these and invoices etc each time HK signed on.  I would have to be classes as Self Employed.  All the paperwork and financial deductions do not make it a viable concern for me.  The amount I would make at the market is not much, it is pin money rather than money to support a family.  I was enjoying trying out the market and did see it as a long term starting point, to build upon.  But I can't do it for £10 per week and do formal accounts etc.  It just doesn't equate.

I spoke with the Ladies there and let them know.  They were in the main quite flabbergasted at the situation.  The Country Markets, or the WI Market, as it was previously known, was set up in the post war years, all over the country.  They were to help women with families to get back on their feet, to use surplus garden produce etc and to make money to help support their families etc.  I think I quite fitted this ethic.  But in today's modern times, things are different.  If I sold my home bakes at the market and didn't declare it to the social it would be deemed as Benefit Fraud.

I shall have to find a different way.  I am down but not beaten.

On to Happier Thoughts. Mary-Jane has taught herself a new yogu postion.  Yogu, is yoga, on a childrens programme 'Waybuloo'.  Today she did The Kite.  She put her hands above her head so the palms and finger tips were touching, then whilst sat down, bought her head to her knees.  I was so proud of her.  She copied this from the tv.  I am so proud of her.

I have been continuing with my ASJ (Adult Surprise Jacket) when I have time.  I am a little dubious about proportions.  I am thinking that it may be too wide and not long enough.  I will continue with it and have some blind faith.  All the others have worked wonderfully, so there is not real reason why this one shouldn't.  I am a few ridges into the first increases. 


paula said...

To use one of my favorite phrases when stuff happens . .well that benefit stuff just sucks! It's not like HK is making the big bucks and you are making millions off your baking.

Keep looking . . there might be a way to do it.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear that! Like you said, it's pin money. Hardly the stuff of Benefit Fraud.

Can you have one of your fellow bakers buy your goods and then sell them herself? Or you "donating" some of your baked goods, and then she gives you a gift of some money? A college friend of mine gave haircuts and styles (she was trained and licensed) to her fellow students but couldn't call it a business nor charge people but could accept a "gift" for the work she did.

Good luck!

CarpeDyem said...

Thank you both for your kind comments xx I have llooked at this from every angle I can think of and see no way around it as things stand. :-( The way the Market is ran, the stuff you produce must be your own, and not made by anyone else. There are a lot of strict rules. I'll bounce back, given time. It's just such ashit at the moment.