Monday, 7 May 2012

NSPCC Plant Sale at Calder Bridge

I got volunteered to help at the NSPCC's Plant Sale at Calder Bridge.  I can't really say I was press ganged, just got volunteered for it.  I was allocated to help serve refreshments.  The first image shows some of the cakes and bakes to eat there, there was another table in another room with cakes 'to take home'.  It got very busy, manic at one point.  The washing up was phenomenal.  We took nearly £100 just here.  Now can you imagine the washing up when each cuppa was 50p, scones were 50p and cakes 60p. 

The tables had table cloths and fresh flowers

The smaller area of the plant sale
This is the  main room for the plant sale.  I did get photos shortly after it opened to show how busy it was, but it was just a sea of people.  Very busy indeed!  You can just see the corner of the other cake table.  I think about £2000 was made, after decuctions.  A very good fundraiser.

When the Plant Sale finished, and all the pots were washed, dried and put away, I went home.  It was about half three and there was still lovely sunshine.  I took Mary-Jane outside in the garden till tea time.  She had been quite tired most of the day, and as usual enjoyed her time in the garden.


Unknown said...

makes me hungry just looking at those photos...glad to hear it was such a success!

On another note, did my letter ever arrive?

CarpeDyem said...

Yes your letter did arrive thank you. I'm rather not good at writing at the moment - but at least we are in touch in other ways. I shall re-read your letter x