Friday, 6 April 2012

Pie And More Cake

Today started off okay.  I got up after HK and got a cuppa in before Mary-Jane woke up.  I like my morning cuppa's and quiet time with HK.  After brekkie, we went shopping as usual for a Friday.  Well, we got as far as the car.  The back passenger side tyre had a puncture.  It had got a nail in it and it was about as flat as a pancake.  HK managed to pump it up with a gadget, enough for us to get to Kwik Fit in Whitehaven.  Forty minutes or so later, we had one fixed tyre for the princely sum of £22.50, and we were on our way.  We went on to Tesco and spent far more than what I planned to, so bare essentials next week.  Don't worry though, we picked up lots of bargains and offers - they will last us quite a while!

For tea tonight, I made a quorn and mushroom pie.  And I made the pastry from scratch.  I was very chuffed with myself for the finished result!  It's not very often at all that I venture into Pie Land, we're probably talking every few years.  It will be more often now. There is still half of it left for tomorrow.  I thought it would have done us just for tonight.  I found a tip about making pies as well.  It's common sense thing if you think about it.  When I read it, I thought, 'oh yeah.... that's a good idea....'  The tip is that fillings should be completely cold before using them otherwise the fat in the pastry will soften and the pastry will stretch.  Particularly important when using puff pastry.

Whilst that was cooking, I prepared another Herman Cake.  I used 200mls of the batter, then followed the given recipe.  I used Granny Smiths apples, the same as last time, and added a 100g pack of plain chocolate drops.  I cooked it on 160 in a convection/fan oven for 40 minutes and hey presto!  It came out well!  I have had a slice, I think either more apple of less chocolate, but not by much.  I'm going to try and keep the batter going.  I think I need to make notes of when I stir it, feed it and take batter out of it, or come next week I won't know whether I am coming or going with it!

My right heel has developed a huge deep crack, the likes I've not seen for a few years now.  It is painful to walk on.  My knees  and feet are complaining with me not totally weight bearing on my heel.  The top of my right foot and ankle are swelling too.

Keep your fingers crossed that we have good/dry/still weather on Sunday.  I want to take Mary-Jane on an Easter Egg Hunt around the garden.  I have the eggs and a felt bucket.  I think I will probably have as much fun as her.  HK rolls his eyes at me when I talk about it, but you can bet your ass that he will be out in the garden with us, of his own volition - he won't want to miss out!


paula said...

Your heel sounds like how mine get. When this happens, I use w brand of lotion called EUCERIN AQUAPHOR . . . I put it on very thick and then wear socks, even to bed, if it is winter.

SInce it normally happens inthe summer, I replace the sock with the biggest bandage I have, or I use a gauze pad and tape to keep it on.

Within several days, it is softer, I can trim the excess skin and the heel starts healing.

But I know the feeling . . heel hurts so you walk weird, then that sets the ankles, knees and back going out of whack . . it os quite a nasty painful circle.

CarpeDyem said...

I use Flexitol. It usually works a treat for me. Saying that, I still need to soak my feet and start using the cream. I got two tubes today so it should keep me going a while

Unknown said...

I remember the first time I succeeded in making a pie with an actual flaky crust. I was ecstatic! Finally, a flaky crust! I couldn't stop making pies for weeks. Vegetable pies for meals, fruit pies for desserts. Scones? wrap 'em in a flaky pie crust! (Just joking about that last one.)

The secret was using frozen butter and then cutting it into very small cubes (about the size of a pea) while it was still frozen. The pieces were small enough that I could rub them into the flour very quickly.

CarpeDyem said...

I shall try the frozen butter tip next time I do pastry. I still have lots of room for improvement and better still, lots of enthusiasm to make pastry