Saturday, 28 April 2012

Watching Daddy And Learning To Garden

We have had sunshine today, with a cool breeze - I had to put my two hour beanie hat on.  When the breeze subsided, it was quite warm.  The neighbours were out pottering around the garden in short sleeves.  I had my hat, cardi and fleece on, zipped up to the top.  Even HK had a long sleeved t shirt on.  We spent most of the day out there.  HK continued to dig the veg patch.  He is not far off complete.  Now we can think about what we want to grow and what seeds we have already.  I find this part quite exciting - deciding what to plant, then going out every day and looking for green shoots.  I love looking for the potato shoots and counting them each day.

Mary-Jane thought it would be a good idea to copy Daddy and play with the soil.  She was given a fork that belonged to her great, great Grandad Jackson.  I could almost feel a gathering of Jackson sprirts watching her as she played and learnt.

You can see where she has been forking over the soil.

She was even helping Daddy put weeds and pebbles in the bucket

All this fresh air and work makes for an appetite!  Fish fingers and potatoes al fresco was the order of the day - and with a clean plate to finish

I had some washing on the line.  MJ thought the basket would make a good boat.  She was at great pains to climb into it, and didn't want any help doing so.  This was actually the Moses Basket that she slept in when she was a tiny baby.

Some bits are so difficult to reach when you are only 20 months, that you have to stretch and stretch and lift your feet off the ground

Reviewing a job well done, watching Daddy.  She was absolutely filthy when she came in for her tea.  Not to mention shattered.  It was a case of Bath No2 of the day before tea.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself, and so did we.


paula said...

Looks like a TON of fun.

CarpeDyem said...

You bet it was! Lots more fun times to come x