Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Brief One Before Bed

The market was a little slow this morning.  I came back with a dozen scones, but I did take down five more than last week.  I did try a couple this evening.  I think they could do with slightly more moisture, not much though, just to make them a bit lighter.  I might get them right soon!  I was talking to a couple who were on holiday.  They have been coming to Whitehaven each year for forty years.  They are from Newcastle Under Lyme, so it was good to have a chat with them.  Newcastle Under Lyme is about ten miles, give or take from Stafford.

I have been to a WI talk tonight.  It was by Gilly Fraser, who used to work for Border TV.  She talked on The Clydesdale Migration of 2006.  12 clydesdales were walked from the Isle of Skye to South Cumbria, a journey of 450 miles, to go to their new home.  An amazing story and well delivered.  The photos were really good and captured 'the moment'.

Prize Bingo is cancelled for tomorrow, I'm glad in a way as I'm getting pooped.  Just the usual weekly shop.  And eating lots of scones.


paula said...

WHat is WI?

CarpeDyem said...

WI is the Women's Institute, I think you may have it in the US, although the name may be slightly different, I'm not too sure