Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt Postponed

The Easter Egg Hunt didn't happen today.  It will tomorrow, fingers crossed.  At lunch time Mary-Jane started screaming and became well out of sorts.  We didn't quite know what the matter with her was.  She refused her lunch, which is very unlike her.  We only had to mention din-dins and she started screaming again.  She did have some milk a while after, and ate nearly all her tea (scrambled egg).  She was quite tired and seeing what was in her nappy, I think she had an upset tum.  I hate to see her so distressed.

She did settle as the afternoon went on, but she wasn't quite herself.  Once in bed, she seemed to fall straight asleep and there has only been a tiny peek out of her since.  She had one of her easter presents from us, one from AuntieAnnInAmerica - the Hello Kitty fleece blankie, and and egg and a marble run from Granma.  We gave her her Mickey Party Paino.  The distraction of this piano really pulled her round and she played with it on and off all of the afternoon.

I'm continuing on with Winter Apple.  I am happy to report that my next row will be the first of the stocking stitch rows. In between now and then I must type up WI Minutes.......


Unknown said...

sorry to hear MJ is ill. I hope she bounces back quickly. Take care.

CarpeDyem said...

Thank You! x