Saturday, 21 April 2012

Operation Tire Mary-Jane

Mary-Jane awoke around half eight.  This gave me chance to have a much needed sleep and a quick cuppa before she got up.  By quarter to ten, we were on the way to the Co-op to get HK some tobacco.  He ran out yesterday afternoon, so you can imagine how he was like, not having any baccy and the horrendous night we had.  HK carried her across the car park and she walked around the shop.  When we got back, HK went into the garden to mow some of the grass and the orchard.  Whilst I was making Mary-Jane her lunch, she had a walk in the garden with Granma.  They went to see the cows across the road and at the field at the back, but both lots were over the far ends of the field so MJ couldn't get close to them.

After lunch, I wanted to get out.  I did think of taking Mary-Jane somewhere in the car, then going for a walk or finding somewhere where she could have a run around.  As the clouds were starting to come in a bit, HK suggested that we stay in the garden, so if it rains suddenly, then we can go straight in.  A good idea.  Use what we have got under our noses.  The garden is big.  So we sat out and let Mary-Jane have a run around and burn her energy off.

We went to Gosforth Stores around three-ish to get sweetie supplies.  I have been enjoying hard boiled sweets in the evenings lately.  I haven't had any for a couple of nights, so a short trip out to get some was a nice suggestion.  Plus Gosforth Stores have loose sweets in jars behind the counter, just like a proper old sweet shop.  It's nice to pick them like that instead of pre-packed sweets.  I got some sherbet lemons, chocolate limes and mini pear drops.

I can hear Mary-Jane mooching about on her bed, it's about the same time she awoke last night, my tummy is going into knots in case we have a repeat of last night.

We stayed out in the garden until it was time to prepare Mary-Jane's tea.  That was when it started spitting with rain, good timing really!  We were joined outside by Rhinog and Bandit.
So fingers and toes crossed that we have a good night!  And if the weather is anywhere near the same tomorrow, we shall be out enjoying the fresh air again.  If it's wet and we have to stay in, I might just bake a banana and fudge cake.

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